The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry Long Island Treatments

Millions of people suffer from dental phobia and anxiety when it comes to seeing their dentist. Whether it was due to a bad experience, not seeing a dentist as often as they should, or if it’s the sound of the instruments, they are just fearful of visiting the dentist.Invisalign New York This is where sedation dentistry Long Island treatments can be very beneficial.

A general dentist that has furthered their education to include sedation dentistry is the type of dentist individuals who have these phobias should seek out. There are a few common types of sedation many dentists use to provide a relaxed and comfortable treatment for patients who are fearful of the dentist. Patients who suffer from certain medical conditions such as autism and Parkinson’s disease can also benefit by visiting a sedation dentistry Long Island specialist.

The two most common types of sedation dentistry are inhalation and oral sedation. Your sedation dentist, Dr. Raskin, would determine which type would best be suited for your condition to ensure you have a relaxed and pleasant dental experience.

laser dentist on Long IslandIn inhalation sedation, a patient would breathe in nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This type of sedation renders a patient unconscious and totally relaxed. Your sedation dentistry Long Island specialist is enabled to perform more treatments in a single visit with this type of sedation. Dr. Raskin would also be able to work on different areas of the mouth as well. There is little to no side effect with this type of sedation, one may experience a mild hangover effect after treatment.

In oral sedation, the sedation dentistry Long Island specialist would request that a patient make arrangements for transportation to and from their office visit for their own safety. They would be provided medication that they would take prior to their visit. This type of sedation leaves the patient fully aware of the treatment they are receiving but are totally relaxed and comfortable, able to speak and interact with the dentist.

A sedation dentistry Long Island professional, Dr. Raskin, can provide your dental care in a relaxed and comfortable setting, whether it’s general treatment or cosmetic treatment. If you suffer from dental phobia or anxiety or any condition mentioned here you should take advantage of a sedation dental expert, Advanced DDS.

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