Removing Stains From Teeth With A Professional Teeth Whitening Long Island Procedure

teeth whitening Long IslandThere are quite a few causes that can stain and discolor one’s teeth. A few of the most common ones include tobacco, aging, and eating or drinking dark colored products like coffee, tea and wine. Poor oral hygiene can also discolor and stain our teeth. If you’re one of the millions of people that believe their smile could use a boost of brightness or are in need of having stains removed from your teeth, you can really take advantage of professional teeth whitening Long Island procedures.

Not many individuals are aware that a professional teeth whitening service is performed by a cosmetic dentist and is one of the most requested procedures there are. There have been many advancements in cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening procedures. In about an hour, Dr. Raskin, can have your teeth up to eight shades brighter than before with these advancements.

teeth whitening long island One’s tooth color comes from the color of one’s dentin and the reflection of light on one’s enamel. Genetics is a factor on how thick one’s enamel may be, as well as, how smooth it is and both of these reflect what the color of our teeth are.

There are other methods to teeth whitening one may choose, but when it comes to stains, the over the counter products do very little if anything to remove them. In a simple professional teeth whitening Long Island procedure, your dentist, Dr. Raskin, will apply a potent, professional strength, whitening gel to your teeth and with the use of laser light activate the gel to deeply penetrate the dentin to give you the best possible brightness in about an hour. Most patients see up to 8 times brighter, whiter teeth.

One should have their teeth cleaned periodically, about once every six months, but if you are wanting a quick whiter smile for an upcoming special event, a teeth whitening Long Island treatment can do the trick. You can talk with Advanced DDS for a teeth whitening Long Island dentistevaluation and treatment, they will have you looking your best.

This professional cosmetic dentist long island procedure is completely safe and has little or no side effects. Some patients may experience some sensitivity at first after treatment.

Dr. Raskin is the right professional remove your stains and improve your smile’s brightness!¬†Call Advanced DDS Today at (516) 441-0033 for Scheduling!

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