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laser dentist Long IslandDrill and Pain Free Laser Dentistry in Valley Stream New York

Cutting edge Dentistry Accessible to Residents of Long Island.

Welcome to the cutting edge of the dental industry. Advanced DDS embraces technological advancements that enhance the dental services they offer and provide their laser dentist on Long Islanddental patients with extensive benefits. Laser dentistry is used by the dentists of Advanced DDS to perform both cosmetic and general dentistry.

The use of lasers in dental procedures replaces the traditional drill. The drill is known to be invasive and cause many people to have anxiety about going to the Valley Stream dentist. Lasers use light energy, which enables dentists on Long Island to be more accurate when performing procedures.  The use of dental lasers is associated with several other benefits.

  • Dental patients experience less pain and discomfort
  • The dentist Rosedale NY is able to use less anesthesia, which results in dental patients being able to recover faster
  • The less invasive approach means less swelling and bleeding during a dental procedure
  • The procedures are typically performed faster

cosmetic dentist Long IslandThe dentists at Advanced DDS in Valley Stream, New York want their patients to be as comfortable as possible, so they use dental lasers whenever possible. Some of the most common procedures that are suitable for laser dentistry include root canals, treatments for gum disease, fillings, and for the application of crowns.

Should You Consider Laser Dentistry Services?

There are so many benefits associated with laser dentistry, you are probably wondering if it is suitable for all dental patients. The only dental professionals that can adequately answer that question are those who are trained to user dental lasers.

Dr. D’Orlando and Dr. Raskin, the Valley Stream dentists at Advanced DDS, are skilled and can provide you the information you need. They will need to thoroughly exam your teeth and gums to determine if you are suitable for dental lasers.

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