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pediatric dentist Valley StreamLooking for a Valley Stream, Long Island New York General & Pediatric Dentist?

Advanced DDS offers family, general & pediatric dentist Long Island treatments with experienced Valley Stream dentists. In addition, if you have an emergency such as an infection or broken dental implant/dentures, Advanced DDS is an emergency dentist Long Island trusts!

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Routine Maintenance for a Beautiful Smile with a Valley Stream Dentist

A great plan to keep your mouth healthy is to combine your at-home dental maintenance Long Island dentist(brushing and flossing) with regular dental cleanings at Advanced DDS. Having a professional cleaning is important because there are surfaces and areas that you won’t be able to reach by simply brushing or flossing.

If you neglect to have a professional cleaning, bacteria and debris can collect within these hard-to-reach areas and turn into plaque and tartar. Leaving these unchecked for a significant amount of time can lead to cavities or even tooth loss.

Digital X-rays

Digital radiography is the latest technology for gathering important information about the Dentist on Long Islandcondition of a dental patient’s teeth and gums. Digital radiography is considered a safer approach because it uses less radiation than the traditional x-ray method.

Another important benefit of digital radiography is accuracy. This technology enables the Long Island dentists to obtain the best possible picture of the state of your oral health.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentist Long IslandCaring for the teeth of the young requires additional training. Advanced DDS understands the importance of caring for teeth from the very beginning, and offer pediatric dentist Long Island services.

By scheduling their children to have a checkup at a very early age, parents are helping to protect the teeth of their children from cavities. The regular care and maintenance of a child’s primary teeth will help to ensure that their permanent teeth arrive healthy. The best time to start scheduling a child for regular dental check-ups is when the first tooth arrives.

In addition to regular dental exams and maintenance, the Valley Stream dentists at Advanced DDS like to spend time with parents to discuss how they can keep their child’s oral health in good condition. Discussions include important topics such as toothpaste, nutrition, and preventive tips.

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Root canals

Understanding the anatomy of a tooth can help to understand the importance of performing a root canal to save a tooth. When you look at your teeth in a mirror, you family dentist Long Islandhopefully only see the protective, white outer layer. If you have a cavity, the internal parts of the tooth are exposed.

A tooth’s center contains pulp, blood vessels, and nerves—very sensitive elements. When a tooth has a cavity, these sensitive areas are exposed and infection can easily develop and threaten the health of the tooth. Severe toothache pain is the most tale-tell sign of an infected tooth. In many cases, there is nerve damage that only a root canal can fix.

Root canals are very common treatments with a dentist in Valley Stream. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding about what happens during a treatment. The dentists at Advanced DDS can give you the correct information you need about root canals.

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Wisdom teeth extractions

Dentist Valley StreamFor some people, wisdom teeth can cause severe problems.  For example, the wisdom teeth may appear in an unnatural position and crowd the other teeth. Some people also experience severe pain when the wisdom teeth appear.

When this happens extraction is often the recommended course of action. This surgical procedure consists of the Long Island dentists at Advanced DDS exposing the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom tooth and removing any bone that may be covering the tooth. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and may require stitches.


There have been advancements in the dental industry. Many of these advancements are Dentist Laurelton NYhelping to remove some of the stigmas associated with common dental procedures or services.

Dentures are an example. People who need them often think of dentures as an unpleasant necessity. Advanced DDS is committed to providing services that make their dental patients happy. The Valley Stream dentist office believes that a good fit is the key to a pleasant experience with dentures. The dentist will take time to make sure that you obtain the results you desire.

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Tooth colored fillings

Dental fillings are designed to cover up dental problems such as cavities and dental injuries Tooth Colored Fillingsthat can affect a tooth’s natural appearance. Many dental patients of Advanced DDS opt for tooth colored fillings because they have a natural look.

There are other advantages of using tooth colored dental fillings. If a tooth colored filling is damaged, a Laurelton dentist at Advanced DDS can easily repair it. Another advantage of tooth colored fillings is that the process to add them can usually be performed in one session.

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Laser Dentistry

Drilling tools and their accompanying sounds are probably one of the most common reasons that people consider going to the dentist to be an unpleasant experience. The dental patients of Advanced DDS have a completely different view. Part of this view is associated with laser dentistry.

By using lasers to perform dental treatments, the Hewlett dentists at Advanced DDS are laser dentist Long Islandable to provide their patients with services that will have a more positive effect on their dental health. Treatments that enable the Valley Stream dentist to use laser technology not only benefit dental patients, but also enable the dentists to perform procedures with more accuracy and efficiency.

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Emergency dentist

The dentists at Advanced DDS know how important it is to offer emergency dental services. Injuries to teeth or severe toothaches can quickly develop into very serious problems if not treated right away.

In many cases, an emergency dentist Long Island will be able to tend to your emergency Emergency Dentist Long Islandon the same day. If the dentist office must schedule your appointment, they will give you complete instructions of what to do until your appointment.

It is important that you follow these instructions completely to prevent any further damage to your teeth. When you have a dental emergency, contact the office as soon as possible to determine what you can do until your appointment.

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Spa Dentistry

When you schedule a dental appointment at Advanced DDs and request special spa services, a day at the dentist can feel like a day at the spa. The spa dentistry services that the dentist office provides are designed to ensure the total comfort of their dental patients. Imagine warm Tempur-Pedic® pillows, warm towels, and relaxing music. These are just a few of the special services that Advanced DDS offers with its spa dentistry.

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