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Dental Implants Long IslandLong Island Dental Implants for Valley Stream, Lynnebrook, Rosedale, East Rockaway, Malverne, and surrounding areas.

Perfecting Your Smile – Valley Stream Dental Implants

Advanced DDS offers several options for replacing missing teeth.  Dental implants Long Island are the recommended approach when the dental patient wants to replace a single

dental implants Valley Stream

Dental implants are anchored in the jawbone by a small titanium post.

tooth root. A dental implant is actually a titanium screw that is implanted into your jawbone.  There is an adjustment period for dental implants that consists of the jawbone growing enough to allow the implant to fit secure.

The following are some of the advantages of choosing dental implants with Valley Stream dentists at Advanced DDS:

  • Natural look and feel of natural teeth
  • Custom fit ensures comfort
  • Possibility of lasting a lifetime
  • Permanent and removable options
  •  Enhanced appearance

To determine if an individual is a good candidate for a dental implant, the Valley Stream dentist must evaluate the condition of their gums and determine if they have a sufficient amount of bone in the area to support the implant. The East Rockaway dentist will also ask you questions about your background and medical history to determine if there are any issues that preclude you from having a dental implant. In most cases, healthy individuals with healthy gums are suitable for dental implants.

Dental Implants Lynbrook NY

Dental implants look and feel natural.

Advanced DDS offers several options for dental implants. The most common are the all on 4, full arch, and Hybridge. The all on 4 method is similar to partial dentures, but consists of a full bridge for a minimum of four dental implants.

The full arch approach uses a combination of dental implants and a fixed bridge.  Hybridge technology refers to permanent teeth replacement for all top and bottom teeth using multiple dental implants as support.

The procedure for dental implants involves surgery. Dr. D’Orlando or Dr. Raskin, with assistance from their skilled dental team, will position the implant in place. The dental patient is then scheduled for a follow-up appointment (in about 3 months) after the area around the dental implant has healed. The next step is to connect a custom-made abutment tooth as the support for the implant. As a final step, the Hewlett dentist adds a crown to the abutment.

Dental implants Long Island NY are a permanent solution for missing teeth, but you need Best dental implants long islandto take care of them as you would any other tooth, to ensure they last a lifetime.

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