5 Most Effective Treatments For Gum Disease

Gum disease is surprisingly prevalent, and the reasons are obvious when you study the oral hygiene habits of the majority of any population. teeth whitening Long IslandAlthough dentists regularly advise, admonish and even plead with their patients to take care of their gums, teeth and tongue, not many people pay heed to hygiene regimes. The result of this is poor oral health, often in the form of gum disease in all its forms.

What are the Types of Gum Disease?

There are essentially three categories of disease that affect the gums in humans. These are:

1. Irritated gums: This condition is usually caused by residual food particles stuck between the teeth after eating. Chronic conditions may call for flushing or deep cleaning, but the situation can be avoided by brushing within 20 minutes of a meal. This will ensure that all residual food is removed, and the risk of gum infection and teeth erosion is reduced.
2. Abscesses and Cavities: This moderate form of infection is harmful, as it can lead to long-term damage if left untreated. An untreated cavity can lead to an abscess, which is exacerbated by the gums being irritated in the process.
3. Gingivitis and Periodontitis: These two forms – one moderate and the other severe – are both related to bacterial infection; both are reversible, but this primarily depends on how severe the condition is to begin with.orthodontist Long Island

Symptoms of Gum Disease

There are several symptoms that can be noticed when gum disease strikes, and these include:

1. Tenderness and inflammation of the gums at the gum line
2. Pain in the gums or the teeth around the affected area
3. Bleeding
4. Halitosis (bad breath)
5. Sensitivity while chewing

If any of these symptoms are noticed, a visit to the dentist is in order. However, most people tend to think that minor problems will go away. While this is true in certain cases, it is definitely not worth the risk because it can lead to a worsening of the problem, or complications that can affect other parts of the mouth.

What Causes Gum Disease?

The primary cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene, and the resulting bacterial action on the gums and teeth; however, there are a few others that can be addressed before they become cause for concern:

1. Irregular dentist visits
2. Consuming excessive amounts of sugared and carbonated beverages
3. Eating foods that tend to get stuck between the teeth, and not flushing, flossing or brushing after consuming such foods

5 Best Treatments for Gum Disease

1. Probiotics: Available in the form of lozenges, these ‘good bacteria’ help restore the micro-flora balance in the mouth, especially after using a mouth-wash or a rinse.

2. Ubiquinone: Also known as Co-Enzyme Q10, this is a vitamin-like compound and is taken as a supplement. Studies have shown that this compound could help in the fight against gum disease, as a preventive measure.
3. Peroxide Rinses: This compound acts be releasing oxygen rapidly, which in turn can help reduce inflammation and infection in the gums.
4. Chlorhexidine Sprays: These sprays contain the powerful Chlorhexidine, a proven anti-bacterial agent that can also fight plaque formation and acts immediately on contact, even staying on as a residue for continued protection.
5. Hyaluronic Acid Gel: This compound aids in the production of new tissue to replace diseased cells in the mouth. German scientists have found that it can increase healing rate by up to 50%.Laser Dentist Long Island NY

These treatments are primarily for prevention, but some are used as external treatment for gum disease. The best preventive measure, however, is proper dental and oral hygiene. There is no measure more effective than this.

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5 Steps To Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants to have a set of pearly whites that will dazzle their friends. Whitening the teeth is not so hard when you know how. pediatric dentist Valley StreamA few simple steps can take you from a shy, self-conscious person to someone who loves flashing their white teeth at the drop of a hat. Having white teeth is often a psychological condition that results in high self-esteem and confidence in public. People with yellow teeth who are conscious about their condition tend to be more reserved and don’t smile that often. These 5 steps to whiter teeth can make sure that you enjoy the best of what life has to offer when you have a ready smile just waiting to erupt!

Oral Hygiene

As is the case with most medical conditions, prevention is better than cure when it comes to keeping your teeth white. If you’re already got a set of pearly whites, do everything in your power to keep it that way. In fact, in this case, prevention is easier than cure. Brushing and flossing regularly, rinsing out your mouth with water after meals and using mouthwashes on a daily basis call all help you keep your teeth as white as the day you were born. Well, actually, it will keep them as white as when you got your permanent teeth somewhere around the age of 6!dentist2

Crunchy Foods

Believe it or not, eating crunchy foods can help keep your teeth white, or even help reduce discoloration to a certain extent. The abrasive nature of such foods will make sure that your enamel gets a polish every now and then. But one thing you need to remember is that crunchy foods tend to crumble into very small pieces that can get lodged between your teeth, leading to other problems that can be inconvenient – not to mention expensive – to treat. So, if you’re eating these foods, then go back to the basics: meaning, make sure that your oral hygiene regimen is followed strictly.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Most people associate this chemical with hair care, but in actuality, this versatile compound can be used for anything from pedicures to pimples to propelling rockets! When used on teeth, however, they act as a bleaching agent and achieve much the same results as you see in toothpaste advertisements. It is with good reason, therefore, that they are used as an active ingredient in several leading brands of toothpaste.

Baking Soda

If you thought that baking soda was only used for cakes and other baked goods, think again. This humble kitchen ingredient can do wonders in terms of whitening your teeth. Not only does it help in the whitening process, but it is an effective cleaning agent too. All you need to do is make a paste with baking soda, salt and water and you are good to go. However, only use this twice a week or you may face that wrath of enamel erosion, which can lead to several other complications aside from toothaches.

Wood Ash

AdvancedDentistry-logoThis is an age-old remedy, but a lot of people avoid it because it could cause a thinning of the enamel that protects your teeth. Ancient remedy or not, your teeth are not worth the price of experimentation, so stick with the known methods to preserve your teeth for as long as nature will allow you to keep them.

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Deciding Which Teeth Whitening Method Is The Best Choice For You

There is a variety of teeth whitening in Long Island treatments, both professional and over the counter that can provide a brighter smile.  Of course there is a difference in the whitening that each of these treatments provide, as well as, the time it takes to achieve such results.  There are different factors that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing which treatment is best for your teeth to give you the best and whitest smile.

Many individuals choose to use whitening strips, pastes, and gels that they can purchase at a retail store.  These products can produce a whiter smile but they take time.  In many cases it’s two weeks or more before any change is seen.  And for those individuals who have stained teeth, it would take longer if a change is seen at all.

There is an alternative to help those who suffer with stained and discolored teeth who don’t have the patience to wait for an improved smile.  The alternative would be a professional teeth whitening Long Island treatment.  This treatment is performed by a cosmetic dentist, Advanced DDS.

When it comes to choosing the best method of whitening for you, you may want to talk with a teeth whitening Long Island specialist.  A teeth whitening professional, Dr. Raskin, uses advanced technology to provide patients the brightest smile possible.  A professional strength whitening gel that can only come from a professional is applied to the teeth after a gel is applied to protect the gums so that a laser light can activate the whitening gel to deeply penetrate the tooth’s enamel to give patients a whiter smile.  The entire process takes about an hour and provides a brilliant smile that is 8 shades brighter.

There are some cosmetic dentists who offer an at-home teeth whitening Long Island treatment which is more effective than the over-the-counter whitening products but not as effective as an in-office treatment.

Having a brighter and whiter smile provides patients with a boost in confidence and self assurance.  As with any improvement one does to themselves raises their self assurance and esteem.  Talking with a teeth whitening Long Island specialist, Dr. Raskin, about improving your smile can keep you smiling.

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The Advantages Of Seeing A Sedation Dentistry Long Island Specialist

There are a number of advantages to seeing a sedation dentistry specialist, and there are millions of people across the nation that can really benefit from this specialized field of dentistry and quite a few of them are right here in Long Island.  A sedation dentistry Long Island specialist provides a relaxing and anxiety free dental experience.

There are a number of methods a sedation dentistry specialist can utilize to provide an anxiety free and calm experience for those who are fearful of dental visits and exams.  Those patients who are older, as well as, those with disabilities can also benefit from seeing any one of the specialists at Advanced DDS.  Individuals who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, mental disabilities, and autism can also benefit from seeing a sedation dentistry specialist.

One of the most common methods used in sedation dentistry Long Island treatments is oral sedation.  Oral sedation consists of the specialist providing an anti-anxiety medication to the patient.  This medication is taken prior to the patient’s next visit.  The dental specialist will recommend that the patient have a ride to and from their office visit as the medication can make the patient unable to operate a vehicle safely.  This method of sedation allows the patient to be totally conscious and responsive but unable to detect the treatment that’s being done.  The patient is totally calm and relaxed with this method.

There are also other sedation methods such as inhalation which involves a mask being placed over the mouth and nose of the patient so they can inhale laughing gas otherwise known as nitrous oxide.  This method renders the patient unconscious somewhat like sleeping.  The patient is unaware of the goings on around them and cannot respond to the dental professional.  With this method of sedation dentistry Long Island treatment the dental professional, Advanced DDS, is capable of performing more than one type of treatment in a single visit, as well as, performing treatments in more than one area of the mouth during a single visit.

Those individuals who suffer from medical and dental conditions aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of sedation dentistry Long Island treatments.  If an individual is nervous about a dental exam or treatment, talk with a sedation dentistry specialist, Dr. Raskin, to see how sedation dentistry can benefit you.

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Understanding Why Parent Should Choose A Pediatric Dentist Long Island Offers

There are many parents who do not take advantage of a children’s dentist or pediatric Pediatric Dentist Long Islanddentist and they may want to consider choosing one instead of a general or family dentist.  There is a distinct difference between a family or general dentist and a pediatric dentist Long Island has to offer, Dr. Raskin.

A pediatric dentist has continued his or her education and training to include special courses to care for young people’s mouths.  This education and training includes child behavioral, child psychology, as well as, specialized treatment for children.  A children’s dental specialist is trained to ensure the child has a relaxed and fun time at their dental facility.

With years of continued education and training, a pediatric dentist Long Island respects, Advanced DDS, help parents teach children the importance of proper oral hygiene.  The dental specialist is experienced and trained to cater specifically to young people so that they do not fear the dentist in years to come.  Understanding the behavior of a child, the best way to treat a child’s dental condition, and to provide a positive atmosphere for the child are all the specialties of a pediatric dentist, Dr. Raskin.

A pediatric dentist Long Island residents trust makes learning about dental care fun for youngsters, as well as, helps them not be fearful of dental visits for a healthier mouth.  A youngster can benefit by seeing Dr. Raskin since it’s beneficial as they grow older.  There is less chance that they will suffer from dental phobias as they get older.  This means that parents can rest assured that their child will continue to maintain proper oral care, healthy mouths, and a beautiful smile.

There are some pediatric Long Island specialists that allow parents to continue to be with their child throughout their entire visit while others will insist on a parent waiting in the waiting room while the professional is examining their child.  A parent should ask the pediatric facility how they handle this procedure if this is a concern for parents.

A pediatric dentist Long Island respects can also be very beneficial for parents who have children that are special needs children.  Since a pediatric specialist has been trained and educated in child behavior they understand how to relax children even those with special needs.

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Why Choosing An Invisalign Long Island Treatment Can Be Beneficial

People who have teeth that require braces could really benefit from seeing an Invisalign Long Island specialist.  You see, traditional braces wearers are often self conscious about the wires and brackets they must expose when they smile and often deter from doing so.  The Invisalign treatment method goes virtually undetected because it involves the use of invisible aligners.  There aren’t any brackets, wires, or bands that need to be hidden.

An Invisalign Long Island specialist would first examine a patient which will include taking x-rays and digital photos to be placed in a state of the art computer program to create a CEREC dentisttime line for a straight smile, as well as, the design for the customized aligners.  The program predicts the amount of time and the number of aligners per set it will take to produce the best straightest smile for a patient.

Each set of aligners are worn according to the Invisalign Long Island specialist’s recommendation.  There are fewer dental visits with this teeth straightening method opposed to that of traditional braces.  When an Invisalign patient does their follow-up visit, approximately every two weeks, Dr. Raskin will check the progress of the patient to ensure they are on track with the treatment plan.  The professional will also provide new set aligners at that time.

For most patients who utilize the Invisalign Long Island treatment, the time involved for a straighter smile takes less time than that of the traditional braces.  Most individuals complete their treatment in about a year but as with any treatment it can vary with each Invisalign  patient.

One of the best advantages to this teeth straightening treatment is that the aligners are removable.  This means no more worrying about what you can and cannot eat.  You also don’t have to worry about whether you are cleaning your teeth well enough to not have dental conditions once the braces are removed, as you may encounter with the traditional ones.  One important factor about these removable devices is that just because they are removable doesn’t mean you can leave them off for more time than is recommended by your dental professional.  This can have an adverse effect on your treatment plan.

If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, talk with an Invisalign Long Island specialist, Dr. Raskin at Advanced DDS dental facility.

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Long Island Dentist Explains The Causes and Solutions for Gapped Teeth

Gaps between teeth can occur between any teeth but they are quite common in the lateral incisors or the two front teeth on the upper gum. A Long Island dentist diagnosis gapped teeth as diastemas. pediatric dentist Valley StreamDiastemas can occur for a number of reasons both natural and habitual. There are solutions for diastemas, so those who want to close the gap have options. One of the first determinations by a Long Island dentist is to find the cause of the gap.

Some individuals make get gapped teeth from there being a large difference in the size of their jawbone and the size of their teeth. This is a natural cause. A person may have a large jawbone with small teeth or vise versa and this can cause gaps between teeth. An individual may also experience an overcrowding as a result of this natural cause.

Root Canal2Another natural cause to tooth gapping can be that the tissue at the top part of the upper lips that extends to the top gum line can cause a gap between the upper teeth if it extends past either of its connecting points.

Some of the habitual causes of teeth gapping, according to Dr. Raskin, is thumb or finger sucking, and incorrect swallowing. A person should swallow with their tongue pressed against their palate but some individuals swallow with their tongues pressed against their teeth which can cause gapping.

Gum disease is another cause of teeth gapping and this can be from genetics or poor oral hygiene habits. When a person has severe periodontal disease, the gum will weaken and allow for teeth to shift and move, which can cause dangerous gaps in teeth. This is just another reason why practicing good oral hygiene habits is vital to your dental and overall health.

Habitual causes of diastemas can be prevented by putting an end to these habits. But when the damage has been done and one wants to close the gap on their teeth there are treatments available for a cosmetic Long Island dentist.

Dr. Raskin would evaluate the diastemas and offer a variety of treatment options which can include dental bonding, veneers, and onlays to name a few. Talking with a specialist about your condition can close the gap on your teeth and give you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.Long Island dentist

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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry Long Island Treatments

Millions of people suffer from dental phobia and anxiety when it comes to seeing their dentist. Whether it was due to a bad experience, not seeing a dentist as often as they should, or if it’s the sound of the instruments, they are just fearful of visiting the dentist.Invisalign New York This is where sedation dentistry Long Island treatments can be very beneficial.

A general dentist that has furthered their education to include sedation dentistry is the type of dentist individuals who have these phobias should seek out. There are a few common types of sedation many dentists use to provide a relaxed and comfortable treatment for patients who are fearful of the dentist. Patients who suffer from certain medical conditions such as autism and Parkinson’s disease can also benefit by visiting a sedation dentistry Long Island specialist.

The two most common types of sedation dentistry are inhalation and oral sedation. Your sedation dentist, Dr. Raskin, would determine which type would best be suited for your condition to ensure you have a relaxed and pleasant dental experience.

laser dentist on Long IslandIn inhalation sedation, a patient would breathe in nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This type of sedation renders a patient unconscious and totally relaxed. Your sedation dentistry Long Island specialist is enabled to perform more treatments in a single visit with this type of sedation. Dr. Raskin would also be able to work on different areas of the mouth as well. There is little to no side effect with this type of sedation, one may experience a mild hangover effect after treatment.

In oral sedation, the sedation dentistry Long Island specialist would request that a patient make arrangements for transportation to and from their office visit for their own safety. They would be provided medication that they would take prior to their visit. This type of sedation leaves the patient fully aware of the treatment they are receiving but are totally relaxed and comfortable, able to speak and interact with the dentist.

A sedation dentistry Long Island professional, Dr. Raskin, can provide your dental care in a relaxed and comfortable setting, whether it’s general treatment or cosmetic treatment. If you suffer from dental phobia or anxiety or any condition mentioned here you should take advantage of a sedation dental expert, Advanced DDS.

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The Different Methods Of Teeth Whitening Long Island Residents Should Understand

Most people thrive for a bright white smile. They understand the importance for a great looking smile, as well as, the importance of brushing, flossing, and regular checkups to keep it that way but sometimes they just need a little boost in brightness. teeth whitening Long IslandThere are a variety of teeth whitening Long Island methods to choose from and dependent on your circumstances for wanting or needing that boost can help you choose which method is best for you.

There is in-office treatment and at home treatments. The at home treatments are performed by the individual themselves and can consist of using a professional grade whitening gel or through over the counter teeth whitening products. These products can include gels, strips, and pastes, as well as, mouth washes. An individual can choose to have non-dental bleaching techniques which are done as spas or salons. These methods are broke down into their bleaching concentrations which are as follows:

A low concentration bleaching is the least effective teeth whitening Long Island method. This method of bleaching is done at home with over the counter products such as whitening strips, toothpastes, and so on. The oxidizing agents in these products are quite low but individuals who use them can see results in as little as a few days but many won’t see a recognizable improvement for weeks.

CEREC2Another at home teeth whitening Long Island treatment is gel bleaching. There are some products on the market that allow for individuals to use a more potent whitening agent which they place in a tray and wear on their teeth for a specific amount of time. There are some teeth whitening Long Island professionals who offer an at home treatment as well. The result for this type of whitening is better than the low concentration but not as good as the high concentration which can only be done in a dental office.

When an individual chooses to have an in office teeth whitening treatment, Dr. Raskin can have their teeth up to 8 shades brighter in as little as an hour. The high concentration whitening gel used in an in office treatment is activated to deeply penetrate the tooth’s dentin to by laser technology.Dr. Brian Raskin

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The Dentist, The Treatment, The Result

There is a similarity between dental health and medical heath. Some medical conditions affect your dental health and some dental conditions can have an affect on your medical health. Sedation dentist Valley StreamMost people take choosing their medical provider with care, so wouldn’t it make sense to take the same care in choosing your dentist.

There are many individuals who neglect having dental checkups and cleaning because they haven’t experienced any dental problems from the time they were young. This can be detrimental not only to their oral health but their overall health. As many individual’s don’t experience dental problems as children they don’t realize they can have dental issue as they get older. This is why seeing a dentist Long Island offers periodically is so important. Most dental issues when detected early by a dental professional can be prevented and cured.

Dental health which includes daily flossing and brushing, as well as, the periodic visits to Dr. Raskin are of utmost importance. laser dentist Long IslandMaintaining healthy strong teeth to deep their natural teeth without major dental issues would need to see a dentist Long Island area has to offer. These periodic visits can allow the professionals at Advanced DDS to detect tooth decay, gingivitis, and oral cancer, as well as, any other dental issue.

When a Valley Stream resident wants to find a dentist Long Island offers to help them maintain good oral health, experience, services, and bedside manner should play a role in making the right choice. Many dentists offer general and family dentistry treatments while there are many professionals that provide additional services to not only maintain a smile but to enhance it. Specialist such as Dr. Raskin provide cosmetic treatments, treatments specialized to children, and even incorporate the latest state of the art equipment. Residents in the East Rockaway, Hewlett, and surrounding area can benefit by options for an improved smile that are less painful, less invasive, and are performed in less time.

There are many reasons a person should see a dentist Long Island offers. Finding the one that’s right for you and your family doesn’t have to be a difficult one. When you know what you want in your dentist, and how they go about treating dental issues, the solution is Advanced DDS, a leading general, cosmetic, sedation, pediatric and laser dentistry office.Dentist Long Island

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